“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” 

Henry David Thoreau


Motion Forge Pictures was set up for the production of 3D CGI, Virtual Reality and CG Animation. For further info or if you have an enquiry please get in touch via contact page. In the time since its creation, an array of different projects have been completed that have focused on 3D modelling, animations and other video work.


Not only does it produce CGI work, but was also set up to further the world of 3D by providing training, mentorship and also spreading the word about the wonderful world of CG.

Featured Work

Grand Old Mansion

Grand Old Mansion

Archviz studio flat

Vintage Style Living Room

castle ruins in the wilderness

Castle Ruins

The Fox, Owl and Stag

Tavern Featured Image

Medieval Tavern

Post Apoc Truck

Motion Forge CG and The Motion of Pictures

Motion Forge Pictures Produces both CGI and Video work

that falls under two separate sections.

Motion Forge CG

CG and Animation

CGI, 3D modelling, feature length and short Animations…

Video Production

Documentaries, short films, and other productions…

Castle Ruins

Motion Forge Pictures – The Latest News and Updates


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