A Low Poly Walk in the Woods

A scene created and rendered in Blender: Also using an excellent add-on called Physical Starlight And Atmosphere – that is awesome at environment lighting and should be standard in Blender! (This is my own opinion and not an affiliate or paid-for link if you wondered!). The scene took about an afternoon to create and I did re-use some assets that I had previously created. The trickest part was setting up the particle systems for the grass and flowers but after a little tweaking, it worked well.

For particle systems: I have learnt (after some trial and error) the best approach is to add a value of about 50 in the initial emission hair particle setting and then use the Children and Interpolation setting which can go up to 500 or what best suits the scene. You don’t need to add really large figures like 100,000 in the initial emission value and just 50 is fine. Then the rest can be done in Children.

The scene is with Lana a character I both modelled and rigged for animation.