A Medieval Scholars Desk

For this scene, I used assets from Megascans and also a medieval props kit I found on the Unreal Marketplace. To get the most cinematic look I use 24 frames per second and also add motion blur, or change the frame rate to 48. I also use a long focal length for the lens setting. Generally speaking, to give a scene a cinematic look I would recommend to ‘go long’ with the focal length. It’s not always easy if you’re in an enclosed space, but does really make a difference.

I didn’t do much in the way of post-production to the video though as this scene was just a personal project in my spare time, but this can make a big difference and further gives a cinematic look and feel to any scene. Anyways enough of the techy stuff – I imagined this scene as the desk for a medieval scholar. Someone who studies well and reads a lot. Even when it’s late at night he or she is studying hard.

For another speed design video and one that was aiming for photorealism – please see my fishing boat on the shore Unreal Engine scene.