A Medieval Tavern built with Modular Parts

I started by searching out a few reference images for inspiration, but the final shape of the building is original and I have not seen another exactly like it. After the initial research, I started the modelling by using a few simple shapes to block out the overall building. Once I was happy with the blocked out shape I then created all the different pieces required.

Once all the pieces/modular sections were created I textured them all in substance painter and imported the textures back into Blender. I then went about piecing together the pieces around the blocked out shape. Finally, I used the compositor in Blender to tweak the final image, and replaced the background with a halo-like effect before creating the final renders. After which I did some final tweaks to the images in Lightroom.

Tavern Featured Image

Whilst every part of the tavern I made – the character was created using an add on for Blender called Human Generator (it’s a great add-on for quickly adding characters to a scene) and the clothing was purchased from CG trader. Adding a person(s) to a scene can really some depth and character to the overall scene. So this is something I highly recommend for anyone creating scenes in CG.

Tavern and the lady

I used the Botaniq add-on for creating the forest scene and particle systems. It’s a great add-on for creating nature scenes and also greatly speeds up the time it takes to create such environments. It almost makes working with particle systems enjoyable!

For another historical building created using modular sections – please also see the Grand Mansion I created.