– Alive Animation –

This animation was created as part of the course ‘Alive’ by Pierrick Picaut.

My animation of the happy little squirrel from the course ‘Alive‘ by Pierrick Picaut.  An excellent course, I would recommend it and it has really helped me to fill in a bunch of missing gaps and further learn the animation process. For this animation, all the squirrel animations were created by me and I have also included them at the end of this video.

I also created the camera movement in the first scene. But the other scenes I used Pierricks camera set up and keying with some very minor tweaks – primarily so I could focus on the animation.

Animation is not easy to do, so a really in-depth and rewarding course. Assets: Squirrel and forest provided as part of the Alive Animation Course.


Animated by Chris J Mitchell

Gnome downloaded from Sketchfab – JonathanCG

Music: Sunset Dream – Cheel (Youtube Music Library).

Created Using Blender and Edited in DaVinci Resolve Studio.