Animation Reference Videos

A while back I started collating, uploading and sharing videos specifically for CG animation reference. To do this I created a Youtube channel and have uploaded many different animation reference videos. I started this around 2 years ago and the catalouge is growing over time with new videos being adding regularly. To subsribe to this Youtube channel – please click on the link here. This channel was not just set up for animation reference, I also started this becuase I needed reference videos for water simulations and wanted to study more indepth the flow of a waterfall. So I have a playlist also for liquids which has many videos of waterfalls, rivers and other such reference videos.

Human Reference Video Playlist

I have now built a solid seleciton of human walk and run reference videos on the Youtube Channel and to view this please see the link here for Human or Humanoid Animaiton Reference Videos. One of the most popular is the video below that is the side view of a man running along a road.


Reason for Setting up this channel and Content

One of the reasons I set up this catalogue of videos is that I haven’t always been able to find specific angles or videos that show the specific animation reference I was looking for. So these videos cover animations, but also for simulations, scene building or texturing and modeling.

I either record these videos myself or use pixabay, pexels or Envato elements. All videos are in creative commons, I recorded myself or I have the permission to use.

For other useful 3D CG resources – please click the link here to see the resources page