Arch Viz – General Purpose Interactive Demo – V2.0

Download the free Demo here. Presently only available for Windows.

Download Links:

  • I created the Modern Building (used in the demo) in Blender and made it available for download – for more info please: Click here.
  • I also created the keyboard overlay (Affinity and PSD template) and this can be downloaded for free: Click here.


This is the 2nd and improved version of an arch viz – general purpose interactive demo I made in Unreal Engine 5. It was created to showcase some of the functionality that is available not just for arch viz interactive environments, but also could be used for other industries or those needing interactive demonstrations of an environment, such as an art gallery or museum.

Upcoming Improvements

This is version 2.0 and I do plan to make improvements, add new functionality and general polish in the future. Upcoming updates will include:

  • Refine and improve the foliage and surrounding environment.
  • Improve and add better audio and audio effects.
  • Change 3rd person character.
  • Further improvements and additions.

Further Info

I have added mountains and a much improved landscape material for the 2nd iteration of this project, but it is quite somewhat bare! So in the future I may add detail to surrounding area.

Most arch viz is pretty much in 1st person view, but I have added a function for 3rd and 1st person. Whilst having 1st person can get you close engagement with the environment and moves the 3rd person out of the way. I also like the fact that 3rd person can give you a sense of scale of a person in the scene.

I also created this so it has an exterior as well as an interior. I added a vehicle and an NPC character, although many more vehicles or characters could be added if required. The vehicle is animated with a blueprint, which is super handy as it speeds up the wheels or slows them down depending on the speed it moves at and no wheel animation assets are required.

Video Preview