Blender Shortcuts

Shortcut keys for Blender that should be good for up to version 2.9 and beyond. If you see any that are wrong or need updating please do post a comment and I will update asap. A downloadable PDF version of the keys can be found here.


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Shift + ¹MMBPan
Scroll OR Ctrl + ¹MMBZoom in/out
Shift + ~Fly
Object Mode
Ctrl + TabOpen pie menu
TabEdit OR Object mode toggle
Ctrl + M then X/Y/Z (OR ¹MMB(drag)Mirror
Ctrl + PSet parent (last selected)
Alt + PClear parent
Shift + TabToggle snapping
Alt + GReset position
Alt + RReset rotation
Alt + SReset scale
Ctrl + AApply location / scale / rotation
Ctrl + JJoin selected objects
Ctrl + LCopy attributes to new objects
Ctrl + 0/1/2/3/4/5Add subdivision level
Alt + BMask view to region OR Clear mask
Shift + CCenter 3D cursor
MMove active object to collection
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad 0Move active camera to view
Ctrl + NumPad 0Set as active camera
ASelect all
Alt + A OR Double press ADeselect all
B OR ¹LMB (drag)Marquee box select
CCircle select
Ctrl + ¹RMBLasso select
Ctrl + iInvert selection
Shift + LSelect linked
Shift + GSelect similar
Alt + ¹LMBSelect from many
Selections in Edit Mode
Ctrl + LSelect connected mesh
LSelect connected mesh under cursor
Alt + ¹LMBSelect edge loop
Ctrl + Alt + ¹RMBSelect edge ring
1Vertex select mode
2Edge select mode
3Face select mode
Ctrl + Shift + MMirror current selection
Ctrl +/-Grow/Shrink image
Ctrl + EEdge crease
Curve Editing
E OR Ctrl + ¹RMBAdd new handle
VChange handle type
Ctrl + XDelete but maintain connection
Alt + CClose curve
Ctrl + TTilt
Alt + TClear tilt
Window Shortcuts
NProperties bar
Ctrl + SpaceMaximize area (but keep toolbar)
Ctrl + Alt + SpaceFullscreen area
Ctrl + Alt + QQuad view
Alt + ZToggle X-Ray view
NumPad 7Top view
NumPad 1Front view
NumPad 3Right view
Ctrl + NumPad 3Left view
NumPad ,Center selected
Shift + ^Walk navigation
Change Windows
Shift + F2Movie Clip
Shift + F3Nodes
Shift + F4Python Console
Shift + F53D Viewport
Shift + F6Graph
Shift + F7Properties
Shift + F8Video Sequencer
Shift + F9Outliner
Shift + F10UV/Image
Shift + F11Text
Shift + F12Dope Sheet
Shift + AAdd object/node
X OR DeleteDelete
F3Search for function
R + X/Y/ZRotate along global axis
R + XX/YY/ZZRotate along local axis
Double press RFree rotate with trackball
Shift (hold)Precise movement
Ctrl (hold)Incremental movement
Shift + DDuplicate
Alt + DDuplicate linked
Ctrl + BBevel
Ctrl + Shift + BBevel vertices
Ctrl + RLoopcut
G,GVertex/Edge Slide
FFill face
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + SShear
Shift + WBend
Alt + VRip fill
Shift + NRecalculate normals
Ctrl + Shift + NInvert normals
OProportional editing on/off
Shift + OProportional falloff type
PSeparate to new object
Ctrl + EMark seam
UV Editor
L (under cursor) OR Ctrl + LSelect island
Shift + WWeld
Alt + PUnpin
Shift + PSelect pinned
Image Editor
NProperties, Scopes, Slots and Metadata
1 (NumPad)View at 100%
Shift + HomeView to fit
JNext render slot
Alt + JPrevious render slot
Alt + SSave image
Shift + SSave image as
Image Editor (Paint)
Alt + NCreate new blank image
Alt + OOpen image
NBrush properties
FBrush size
Shift + FBrush strength
SSample color
XFlip brush colors
Ctrl + ¹RMB (drag)Cut connection
FConnect selected
Ctrl + XDelete selected but maintain connection
Ctrl + Shift + DDuplicate selected and maintain connection
MMute selected
Ctrl + GGroup selected
Ctrl + Alt + GUngroup selected
TabEnter/Exit group (Toggle)
Ctrl + JFrame selected nodes
Ctrl + HShow/Hide inactive nodes
Alt + ¹MMBMove backdrop
V / Alt + VZoom backdrop
NProperties and performance
Shift + SpaceBrush image
FBrush size
Shift + FBrush strength
Ctrl + FBrush angle
RAngle control
EStroke control
BMask (box)
MMask (brush)
Alt + MClear mask
Ctrl + iInvert mask
HHide (box)
Animation (Dopesheet)
Ctrl + TabToggle Dopesheet
Ctrl + TToggle frames/seconds
Home OR NumPad .Zoom to fit active keyframes
TSet keyframe interpolation
VSet keyframe handle type
Shift + ESet keyframe extrapolation
Ctrl + MMirror keyframes
P then ¹LMB (drag)Set preview range
Ctrl + Alt + PAuto set preview range
Alt + PClear preview
Ctrl + MRename marker
Ctrl + BBind selected camera to selected marker
[ / ]Select keyframes before/after current frame
Ctrl + KSelect all keyframes on current frame
Graph Editor
Ctrl + ¹RMBAdd keyframe at cursor
NProperties and modifiers
TabLock selected channel
Rigging (Armatures)
EAdd new bone
Shift + DDuplicate bone
Shift + WBone settings
Ctrl + RRoll
Alt + RClear roll
Shift + NRecalculate roll
Ctrl + Alt + AAlign bone
Alt + FSwitch bone direction
Alt + MMerge bones
Ctrl + XDissolve bones
] and [Scroll hierarchy
Posing Mode
iAdd keyframe
Alt + GClear location
Alt + RClear rotation
Alt + SClear scale
Ctrl + AApply pose
Alt + PPropagate pose
Ctrl + EPush pose from breakdown
Alt + ERelax pose to breakdown
Shift + EPose Breakdowner tool
Ctrl + CCopy pose
¹LMB = Left Mouse Button
MMB = Middle Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button
Ctrl + F12Render animation
Ctrl + F11Playback rendered animation
Ctrl + BSet render region
Ctrl + Alt + BReset render region
Animation (General)
SpacePlay/Pause playback
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceReverse play
Alt + ScrollScroll through frames
Left/Right ArrowNext/Previous frame
Shift + Left/Right ArrowFirst/Last frame
Up/Down ArrowJump to keyframe
IAdd keyframe
Alt + iDelete keyframe
Alt + HUnhide all
Shift + HHide all except selected
D (hold) + ¹LMB (drag)Annotate
D (hold) + ¹RMB (drag)Erase annotation
QQuick favourites

1 = The left-click select mouse button can be set up differently in the options and can be set to right-click select.