Cappuccino on a Table

Most of my renders in Blender I do using Cycles and haven’t used Eevee all that much. Although it is a great real-time render engine. So for this small side project, I created a cappuccino and set it up to be rendered in Eevee. I am very happy with the results and it shows how realistic results you can get using Eevee.

This file can be downloaded for free from Blendswap or the Website store.

Please note this is a heavy scene – e.g. the shadows are set to 4k, motion blur, AO and Screen space reflections are on etc.. You can lower these settings in the render properties. If you do an animation, I have added an Irradiance volume, so you can also bake the indirect lighting.

The camera is constrained with two empties: One for its focal point and the other for it to track to. Either remove the constraint from the camera or delete the depth of field object in camera settings to remove either of these.

The HDRI is from a great free pack I found on CGtrader:

Turntable Animation: