Carved Wooden Deer – Photoscanned

This is a photoscan of an old wooden deer I purchased years ago. I created the model from around 75 photos taken with my DSLR and used Reality Capture to generate the mesh and textures.

I used Blender to smooth out and correct a few minor issues in the models topology. I used the smoothing brush (from the sculpting tools) for this and the ‘mask select’ tool to remove a part of the table that has also been captured and used the ‘Mask slice and fill holes’ option to remove this unnecessary part of the mesh and for it to close the gaps left at the bottom of the deer’s hooves.

Then I used an excellent addon called Quad Remesher to reduce the poly count. Initially it was about 6 million faces, but got this down to about 185,000, but could have gone lower if required. I UV unwrapped and imported the mesh back into Reality Capture to project the textures from the initial mesh to the new edited mesh.

I finished off by making some tweaks in Substance painter and filled in some missing texture gaps. This model is available to download for free from sketchfab.

The Real Carved Deer (Stag) in all its glory!