Blender to Unreal Engine Tools – Video Presentation

Epic Games – Blender to Unreal Engine Tools

I presented to the London Blender User Group on Epic’s Blender to Unreal Engine tools and the presentation is below for you to view. I go over the process required for downloading, installing and setting up the tools and also give a demonstration on how to edit an object in Blender and import

Animating a chain in Blender

Animating a Chain Link in Blender

How to set up a chain link animation in Blender (for use with a bike or motorbike) and although this is fairly straight forward, it does require a basic understanding of how to use blender. – If you have any questions please do leave a comment.


  1. First model or download a chain link mesh (you will

Unreal Landscape and Vertex Puddle Painting Materials

Two more materials added to my Unreal Engine Essential Materials pack

These are a Vertex Puddle painting material and a simple landscape material. They can be downloaded from Github here For further info on my Unreal Engine Materials pack please see the original post here

Vertex Painted Puddle

Unreal Engine puddle material

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Victorian Christmas Living Room – Ambient background video

The Journey:

The snow gently drifted down outside and the cold air was kept at bay by the soothing embers burning in the fireplace. Jack had spent the last few days at his great uncle’s house and had arrived home that very day after a long journey.
Upon arrival, it felt like a weight had lifted from his shoulders, for the route back was treacherous and he
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