Alive Animation

My animation of the happy little squirrel from the course ‘Alive‘ by Pierrick Picaut.  An excellent course, I would recommend it and it has really helped me to fill in a bunch of missing gaps and further learn the animation process. For this animation, all the squirrel animations were created by me and I have

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Zepellin Air Balloon – Textured in Substance Painter

Zepellin Air Balloon

This was a personal project and some practice using Substance Painter:

I found this great model on sketchfab and wanted to give it a coat of paint! After searching out some reference images I was inspired by 17th and 18th-century ship living quarters and some of the art and maps that were placed within them.

I textured this

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Treehouse (Free download)

Stylised Treehouse

A treehouse I modelled in Blender and textured in substance painter. It’s made almost completely from just one single object that I modelled into a plank to start with and then simply resized and duplicate for different sections (making sure to add some changes to the objects to avoid any repetition in shape).

There is nothing else quite like

A Ethereal Ring – Fit for a Great Mage

An Ethereal Ring

The idea for this ring was inspired by Lord of the Rings – which interestingly seems to be the number one inspiration for any type of ring in a fantasy or often non-fantasy setting. So perhaps not the most original source, but still a fantastic source to take inspiration from. I modelled and textured this ring in Blender,
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Ambient Ripples Video – Free Download

Ambient Ripples Video – Free Download

No modelling in this one – but created an animated material. Used the Wave texture node which is animated to create the large flowing ripple effect and then combined this with a metallic looking surface.

This video can also be downloaded for free, from pixabay, and used in your commercial or non-commercial work. For further

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Free CG Aztec Temple Download

Free CG Aztec Temple Download

I was practising texturing and specifically atlas texturing and created this temple in the process. Once done I figured it would be great to give this one away for free.

Please download from Sketchfab 

For this scene, I’ve kept everything as low poly as possible and didn’t add any bevels or subsurface

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Animated Clock Time lapse

Animated Clock Face

One thing I can say from the last 6 months is that I have covered a wide range of modelling of objects and animations! This clock I started on my laptop where I did most of the modelling and then finished off the lighting and renders on my desktop.

The clock animation is fairly simple: – I

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A Low Poly Walk in the Woods

A Low Poly Walk in the Woods

A scene created and rendered in Blender: Also using an excellent add-on called Physical Starlight And Atmosphere – that is awesome at environment lighting and should be standard in Blender! (This is my own opinion and not an affiliate or paid-for link if you wondered!). The scene took about an afternoon to

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Blender to Unreal Engine Tools – Video Presentation

Epic Games – Blender to Unreal Engine Tools

I presented to the London Blender User Group on Epic’s Blender to Unreal Engine tools and the presentation is below for you to view. I go over the process required for downloading, installing and setting up the tools and also give a demonstration on how to edit an object in Blender and import

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