From Vaudeville to Cinema

From Vaudeville to Cinema

Vaudevill to Cinema:

This short documentary provides an introduction to the influence and connection between stage theatre entertainment and early cinema.

It provides an insight into some of the famous comedians and performers, such as The Marx Brothers or Stanley Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy) who transitioned from stage entertainment, such

A Concise History of the Origins of Cinema

A Concise History of the Origins of Cinema (Revised Narration)

You can download the narration for free at:…

This documentary concisely covers the vastly complex history of the origins of Cinema. From the very first zoetropes and magic lanterns to the

Great Human Achievements

Great Human Achievements!

Human Achievements

This is a short 2.5D video animation highlighting some brilliant human achievements. From great architecture (such as the Neuschwanstein Castle) to how we observe the night sky with modern telescopes.

To when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and to creating machines that have enabled us to fly, like

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