One Excellent YouTube Channel for Animation, Rigging and Modelling.

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Royal Skies

There have been times when I have been stuck (with modelling or animation) and left feeling like I am not going to be able to find a way forward. But on several of these occasions, I have found a solution from Royal Skies. His

Unreal Engine – Essential Materials (Free Download)

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Unreal Engine Essential Materials

This Unreal Engine Project contains a selection of Materials and Material Functions that can be used for most if not all surfaces.

This is available for download through Github

I’ve been building this collection as I go

Fix Inverted Normal – Unreal Engine – Quick Tip #1

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When creating materials in Unreal engine you can come across elements of the material that are indented as opposed to protruding – or vice versa.

This can be easily fixed with one click of a tick box in the normal map settings.

Open the normal texture

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