Free 4k Noise Maps added to the store

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4k Noise Maps A selection of four different noise maps at 4k Resolution have been added to the Motion Forge store. Click here for the noise map store page. These can all be downloaded for free either individually or you can add all 4 to the cart and then

One Excellent YouTube Channel for Animation, Rigging and Modelling.

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Royal Skies There have been times when I have been stuck (with modelling or animation) and left feeling like I am not going to be able to find a way forward. But on several of these occasions, I have found a solution from Royal Skies. His short, concise and to

Unreal Engine – Essential Materials (Free Download)

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Unreal Engine Essential Materials This Unreal Engine Project contains a selection of Materials and Material Functions that can be used for most if not all surfaces. This is available for download through Github I've been building this collection as I go along making and creating new materials so it will

Fix Inverted Normal – Unreal Engine – Quick Tip #1

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When creating materials in Unreal engine you can come across elements of the material that are indented as opposed to protruding - or vice versa. This can be easily fixed with one click of a tick box in the normal map settings. Open the normal texture and then in its

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