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Wooden Fantasy Portal – Low Poly Cartoon Style

Most of the portals I have seen are either stone or metal, so I wanted to create a stylised wooden, rustic Portal with some wood paint dye that has faded edges. Something that you may find in a medieval fantasy or the witcher.

Modern Building – Free Download

This modern building was created with the need for modern building to be set up in Unreal Engine or any game engine. However, it can easily be used for an Arch Viz scene or animation. For more info on this model please see blog post by clicking here

Game Keyboard Controls Template (Affinity Photo and PSD File)

Editable template for creating keyboard input overview. Please see blog post for more details.

Unreal Engine Materials

Unreal Engine 5 Essential Materials

A range of different materials and set ups that you can use in your projects and for various requirements. This can be downloaded via Github.



A treehouse modelled in Blender and textured in substance painter. It can be downloaded for free from my sketchfab account. Link below.

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Motion Forge Pictures Store
A growing range of CG and digital products available for download. Click on the image below to visit the store and find products that are free or for purchase.


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