Noted Amendments

If you ever see something in a Motion of Pictures documentary that you believe to be factually incorrect – please get in touch and if correct it may be noted here.

From Vaudeville to Cinema

At 9:23 – The writing on-screen says 1C (cent) but this should be 1 dime.

A Concise History of the Origins of Cinema

At 10:22 – In the documentary, it states that Joseph Plateau suggested using a device called a phenakistiscope, where in fact he invented it and it was in 1832 and not 1839.

A Concise History of the Origins of Cinema

In the documentary “A Concise history of the origins of cinema” around the time of 11:16 it mentions that celluloid film was developed by the Eastman Kodak company. However, this may suggest Eastman invented it and there is some debate of exactly who first created celluloid film; as the technology to create it was available to many different people at its time of development. It would appear though that George Eastman was not the inventor of Celluloid film, and in fact it was Rev Hannibal Goodwin of Newark NJ. Eastman was also sued in 1900 and forced to pay 5,000,000. dollars for copyright Infringement.

For more see the article here

A Concise History of the Origins of Cinema

A New Documentary

The intention was to keep this documentary to under thirty minutes, but this meaning not all the possible details could be included. As anyone who has ever studied, or has a keen interest in film knows the history is vastly complex with many interlinking events. However, in the future, I would like to make a full hour long version that would include further details and with better production values. Of course, at an hour it would still not be able to include all the details, but would be far more comprehensive.

Hour-long version additions (not in chronological order):

  • Robert W. Paul.

  • The Sheffield Photographic Company, whose ‘Daring Daylight Burglary.’ 

  • Cecil Hepworth’s pioneer ‘Rescued by Rover.’

  • Oscar Micheaux.

  • Charlie Chaplin/Vaudeville and music hall influence on early film.

  • Early animation.