Forest Reference Photos and Videos – Free Download

Forest or Woods Reference Photos and Videos

A selection of forest paths, dense woods and foliage reference photos and videos that can be used towards the creation of a 3D forest or woods environment. These images and vids were taken in some nearby woods on a summer day and for more details please see below.

Further Details

  • I was particularly focusing on the paths and the edges next to where the foliage was growing.
  • There is a selection of 60 photos and 5 videos.
  • These images were taken at summer time.
  • The location where there images were taken is South England.

Woods Reference Photos


These images and videos are provided free of charge and under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 License and no attribution is required.

Click The Download Link Below for the Images / Video

Example Reference Photos

Below is a selection of 6 images from the pack of images/videos. The images below can be downloaded directly from this webpage, but the download link above contains all uncompressed and unedited images and videos.