Light House in a Storm | Ambient Background Video.

Markus knew that this job entailed risks and mother nature was no force to be taken likely. But his nature for adventure and desire to live on the edge drew him to such escapades. This one though, not his most dangerous, for he know the lighthouse was built to withstand many a storm and whilst he was inside he could experience the rain, wind and thunder, whilst remaining dry, safe and warm.


This is one of my latest ambient background videos and created solely in Unreal Engine 4. The biggest challenge I had was when exporting the final video out as I was getting some serious banding. Specifically around the wind/rain/fog volumetric effects and out of all the 3D/CG programs I have used I found that Unreal Engine produces some of the worst banding. Exporting this out at Quicktime 10bit DNxHR produced great quality and removed the banding, but of course barely anything plays this format and especially not online.

When I uploaded to Youtube it was compressed (as Youtube does with all videos) and resulted again in a loss of quality and some banding. I will look further into this banding issue, but I have a feeling I would need to remove volumetric fog completely to remove the banding and compress for online viewing.