Free Presentation on Lighting your Scene or Model In Blender

Motion Forge CG has set up a new meetup group for all things 3D and animation (or at least for a lot of different CGI subjects!).

For the first meetup of this group it seems appropriate to start with lighting – after all nothing can be seen by the eye without it :) One of the most important elements of building your scene or model is the lighting. So I will go over some key elements and details in regards to this. This meetup will be a little more suited towards beginners with Blender – but those experienced users are very welcome and will be great to get additional input.

Please note for this meetup – I will be using Blender (but in the future, I plan to also do this for Unreal Engine).


1. Introduction and a short summary on light, some technical aspects, how amazing it is and some of its unexplainable weirdness.

2. Comparing the differences between Eevee and Cycles in Blender and ways in which to improve lighting when using Eevee (by using irradiance volumes and high-resolution shadows for example).

3. A look at some examples from master artists such as Rembrandt and Adam De Coster and how they lit scenes.

4. Lighting some pre-created scenes. I have prepped 3 different scenes for this part and the final scene will be interactive and will update with suggestions from attendees

The session will be held on zoom and is on Wed 31st March – start time at 7.30pm (UK Time).


To book on to this free event – please either use Eventbrite or Meetup:

Eventbrite: Lighting your Scene or Model – In Blender

Meetup: Lighting your Scene or Model – In Blender