I got inspired to model this car after watching an episode of Scooby Doo one Saturday morning.

The episode I believe was called stage fright and has a car that is (I assume) based on the Mercedes-Benz 540 K. It’s a wonderfully beautiful car in both real life and the scooby doo episode, so I could not resist making my own version.

This, of course, is my own take on the car and is not meant to be a specific replica of the car. All the textures are procedural base colours and the model doesn’t come with any texture maps.

There is also a simple rig and I have two bones for animating the tires. The back bone drives the wheels forwards or backwards (the front wheels are copying the back wheels rotation, so all wheels are synced.) The front bone can turn the wheels left or right.

This model can be downloaded from Sketchfab – link here.

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Simple Rig