Modern Building – Free Download

This modern building was created with the need for modern building to be set up in Unreal Engine or any game engine. However, it can easily be used for an Arch Viz scene or animation.

It was built to be a versatile model, so it can be used as a art gallery, museum or modern home. It can be downloaded for free from the either of the pages below:

Motion Forge Store: Link here

Or for a direct link see the: free download page

Many of the Arch Viz style buildings (free or paid for) you can download online are made with sketchup or Revit, these are excellent tools, but when the models are exported they can be split into thousands of pieces which is not always practical for a game engine. So I created this modern building that is low poly and easy to set up in a games engine.

Model Overview:

Whilst the building does come in multiple different parts, they are not strictly modular and mainly built to fit with this building. The windows, sliding doors, can easily be replaced, moved or animated.

If you would be interested in a completely modular building of the same style please send an email using the contact page and this is something I would consider doing in the future: Contact Page Link here.

Unreal Engine Set up:

If you import this into Unreal Engine (unless you tick the combine meshes option – not recommend) it will import as many different pieces. Including windows, sliding doors. To quickly build the model select the the pieces and drag into the level or in a blueprint. Done!

Material Slots:

4 material slots in total and are tiled so materials can easily be scaled or swapped out.

  1. Glass.
  2. Wood.
  3. Metal.
  4. Roof.


The textures are included in the zip file, but also embedded in the fbx file. You will need to set up the normal and height map textures as these are not embedded in the fbx. The glass and metal materials use only base colours, and no textures are included for these materials.

Please note: You will need to set up the glass material as its a translucent material that cannot be included in the fbx or texture files and needs to be set up within the program you are using.


No collision is included in this model and it not include collision meshes. This will need to be set up separately if required in a games engine. The model is mainly just planes so collision can be easily applied in a game engine such as Unreal engine. The only part that is slightly higher poly is the stair case handle rail.

If you would like some collision meshes included. Please drop an email through the contact page: Contact Page Link here.


Any thoughts or feedback for improvement or tweaks please send a message Contact Page Link here or drop a comment directly in this blog post.