Landscape Heightmaps

The landscape heightmaps either from the free download page or the website store have now been downloaded over 50,000 times!

When I first posted some for free it was an after thought as I had been learning how to make them and as I had so many I thought I would provide some for free. But I am more than glad these have been such a useful resource for others to use.

I would like to thank all those that have downloaded a landscape height map and used in your CG work.

Whilst every height map provided from this website is created by myself and many are provided for free under a creative commons no attribution license – it’s much appreciated if you credit me (Chris J Mitchell), link back to this website, subscribe to one of my online channels or buy me a ko-fi

For further updates or to follow my work – please see my YoutubeVero or Instagram channels.

For further details and links to heightmaps please see the blog post as to where you used the height map. It’s great to see my work in action and also really interesting to see where it’s been used.