Ancient Mythical Statue

Ancient Ruins in the Wilderness

The ancient statue of Karthermoridge was bound in mystery, but it was believed to represent a knight from the secretive order of Karther. An order of knights that secluded themselves out in the vast northern forests of Kaskaban and built a grand stone Cathedral deep in this wilderness. Although at first known to be pious men of good deeds, their ways became strange and stories started to circulate of hostile behaviour towards local villagers they would trade with.

Matters escalated until the murder of a local and well respected clergyman enraged Lord Kelm and a small battalion of his guards were sent into the forest to seek out the knights responsible. After several days of travel the battalion arrived at the Cathedral, but the place was deserted.

Not a body, dead or alive was found, or a reason why the entire order had vanished. Some hints were discovered in relation to dark magic and the occult, some dark symbols and statues, but nothing that gave any reason for the disappearance. After holding up at the Cathedral for several weeks and searching out into the forest the Battalion found no sight of them. After this short stay the guards returned home and the Cathedral was left to decay out in the wilderness where it’s ruins still stand to this day.

A few years later some distance from the Cathedral, further north, a giant statue was found of who is believed to be a Knight known as Moridge. He was by all accounts a noble fellow and known by the local villagers to be polite, but stern. Not long before the events leading to the disappearance he was seen looking most unsettled and warned those that saw him not to go anyway near the Cathedral until such time as he said it was safe to do so.

Why and by whom the giant statue was built is not know and it lays unused and uncared for deep in the wilderness. It is said that on some nights a strange ray of light descends upon the statue and remains for several hours before fading away into the darkness.


I created this project in Unreal Engine 5 and some post process updates to the image exports were done in Adobe Lightroom.