A cold breeze blows against my face as I reach the edge of the forest. On the horizon, the sun is starting to set, but in the far distance, I can see the flickering light of a campfire. Roaming free in the wilds, anywhere on the land is my resting place, but for tonight perhaps these fellow campers will not mind some company.

So I head towards the fire, and by the time I reach the tents, the sun had set and a cold evening has set in, but there is no one in sight: only two empty tents, some sleeping bags, and a fire. Something is strange about the whole setting, a menacing feeling has gathered in the pit of my stomach and I feel unease.

I call hello and wait in silence; No one replies, and I have no idea where they could be. There is no sign of a struggle, and the setting is peaceful. The fire gently crackles, and the land is still. Perhaps it is just my mind suggesting hidden dangers and menace that does not exist. But for this evening I will continue my walk, further into the open plains. Where I may be cold, but I will view this scene from a distance while I rest for the night.

Further Info

– Produced by: Chris J Mitchell – Sound effects: Sagetyrtle ( – Scene Creation: Unreal 4 Software. – Unreal 4 assets used: Open world demo collection, Survival asset pack, landscape backgrounds. – DaVinci Resolve: Post-production editing, sound and colour correction.