Although this sounds like it should be a simple task, actually finding a photo or several photos of dusty wine cellars is no easy thing. Pinterest seems to have next to no such images and google image search is not much better. You mainly just get images returned of dusty wine bottles, but no images of dusty old cellars. So finding reference images for this work was not easy and also shows that there is not a photo of everything online!

I had in my mind dust particles floating in the air, and a dusty wine cellar with the last rays of sunlight shining through a small window. It’s set in France or at least that’s what I had in mind and the Coat of arms on the wall is a recreation of a French Coat of Arms.

It’s modelled in Blender and the barrels, floors and walls were textured in Substance Painter. The large floating dust particles I added using Photoshop and did some colour styling in Lightroom.

dusty wine cel