Tavern in the Woods

Tavern in the Woods


I could feel my skin tingle when the sight of the tavern met my eyes. I had been walking for so long I wasn’t sure I would ever find it, but there it stood in front of me. The grand figure of William Reynard’s tavern. However whether he was still alive and the tavern inhabited by friendly folk I was still to find out.

The Production of this work:

A medieval tavern in the woods, created in Unreal Engine 5 and edited/post production in DaVinci Resolve. Having made this cinematic I now feel it could lead into a short ghost story and not just fade out at the end. Although my intention was just to make a medieval tavern in the woods scene. Perhaps if there is enough interest I could make a ghost story out of this cinematic. In the mean time for some more atmospheric ambient videos please see the ambience page.


Dark Fantasy Studio: Composer Nicolas Jeudy




I created this project in Unreal Engine 5 and some post process updates to the image exports were done in Adobe Lightroom.

21:9 Ratio

A note of 21:9 ratio as I spent so time digging into it.

This video has a ratio 21:9 and resolution 4k: 21:9 at 3840×1646 (4k) Apparently YouTube recognizes 21:9 at 3840×1600 (4k) so next time I may try this ratio. Also I can’t add an end screen as it says this is an unsupported aspect ratio. 21:9 works out at 2.33:1 So to go for the cinematic widescreen of 2.35:1 will make the video slightly wider.

21:9 Video Resolutions:

– HD: 1280 x 549

– FHD: 1920 x 823

– UHD: 3840 x 1646