The Fox, Owl and Stag

One of the reasons I first got into CG and 3 Modelling was that I love creating scenes, atmospheres and environments. That sense of mystery or joy you get from walking into a new landscape or setting, and your mind is set alight with wonder and curiosity. Your heart can tingle a little, your eyes are wide open, and you may step a little more slowly to take in the scene around you.

Or that fear or trepidation when you watch a horror scene and know something is not quite right! So many emotions lay in the heart of the world around us.

Even though this scene is set in a pretty cold time of year, there is nothing more heartwarming than a stylised winter scene. It was a joy modelling all the characters and elements in this scene and it’s the first time I have ever modeled a fox.

Also one of the insights 3D modelling provides is that life is complex (to say the least!). When I finished the first draft I realised none of the items had snow, so I had to go about adding snow covers to all the objects. The edges of the pond needed frozen long grass to help define them, but also add a further hint of realism to the scene.

For the landscape, you can add a displacement texture and then play around with its strength value to get the effect of a landscape. But I prefer to sculpt the landscape, for it gives me much more control over the layout and also I enjoy the process!