Vintage Style 1950s Living Room

Old Fashioned Home

Old Fashioned 1950s living Room

Vintage Style Living Room

Getting Started:

I started out by getting a good reference image from the Project Bluebook episode and then blocked out the key pieces of furniture to start with. After I was happy with the set up I modelled the walls and then textured these in Substance Painter. Then imported the textures back into Blender.

After that, it was a process of adding several layers of details by placing further items in the room and on the table. I also added a dust mask to some of the items.


Finally, I lit the scene in a similar way it had been lit in the reference image and of course I placed the lampshades in places where I know I would put the lights and had one light just over the table to place more focus on it. Finally, I rendered out the master image of the whole room and then did a couple of close-ups of objects in the room.