Game Keyboard Controls Template (Affinity Photo and PSD File)

I was looking for a template for keyboard keys that was easily editable in Affinity or Photoshop, but was finding it a little difficult to acutally find one. So I have created one from scratch and also have made available to download for free.

Key Features:

  • The whole page or just the selections can be exported as PNGs (with transparent backgrounds).
  • All the key letters, key shapes and colours are all editable and can be easily updated to what you require.
  • If you require additional keys simply duplicate a key and then update it.
  • Only takes a basic knowledge of Affinity or Photoshop to edit and update.

This is a fairly simple template, but I will be updating this and adding to in the future and may also make a more advanced template available in the future.

Keyboard Elements Template:

In game example of elements used from this template: