CG reference videos

Reference Videos For Animation

I have started a new endeavor and part of this is a YouTube and also (soon to be) Odysee video channel. I was getting some video of a river as I wanted to get some good reference shots for how the bottom of the river was showing through the water and how the water moved along etc.. etc… I often look for shots that aren’t all that easy to find, as I am looking for some very specific details for my CG animation work.

So once finished I figured, why not set up a new channel where multiple videos for animation reference are uploaded for people to use. So I called the channel CG Reference (I admit not the most original! But gets to the point) and have been uploading and will upload videos that will or may be of great help for animators who are looking for reference videos in their animation work or training.

Youtube Link is here

Odysee link coming soon