Rigify Vs Auto Rig Pro

In short summary, Rigify and Auto Rig Pro have many similarities, both are good addons, and both have pro’s and con’s. For example, the auto skeleton creation feature in Auto rig makes initial rigging a breeze.

But there is one big advantage for Rigify and this is the fact it is free, included and ready to be activated with Blender. And in turn it has become the defacto rigging feature in Blender and is used by professionals and hobbyists.

Rigify is also supported by several addons from companies such as Adobe or Real Illusion – For Example I use the Maximo Adobe addon that works with Rigify to generate rigs and it works really well (including on models not from Mixamo!) – this addon saves time and effort, but does not support Auto Rig Pro (or at least not yet), so for now I mainly use Rigify for my rigging.

Below is a great Video from Russell Midfield providing an in depth over view of Rigify vs Auto Rig Pro.