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Unreal Engine – Free 3rd Person Character Animations

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3rd Person Animations for Unreal Engine

Below is a wide selection of free 3rd person animations that can be used either for animation or for a game in Unreal Engine. These are compatible either with the the UE4 or UE5 Mannequin. (To export from UE4 to the

Rigify vs Auto Rig Pro – For Blender

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Rigify Vs Auto Rig Pro

In short summary, Rigify and Auto Rig Pro have many similarities, both are good addons, and both have pro’s and con’s. For example, the auto skeleton creation feature in Auto rig makes initial rigging a breeze.

But there is

CGI Dreamworks Animation Studio Pipeline

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CGI Dreamworks Animation Studio Pipeline

A video from CGMeetup on the workflow for an animated movie.

A great high-level overview of the animation production process and well worth a watch if you are new to animation and in the process of learning

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