Vintage Style 1950s Living Room

Vintage Style 1950s Living Room

I’m a fan of the series Project Blue Book (with Aiden Gillen and Michael Malarkey) and in one of the episodes (sorry I can’t find the name now but will update this post when I do – it was in season 2) there is a wonderfully lit scene where the characters sit in an old 1950s

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– Alive Animation –

This animation was created as part of the course ‘Alive’ by Pierrick Picaut.

My animation of the happy little squirrel from the course ‘Alive‘ by Pierrick Picaut.  An excellent course, I would recommend it and it has really helped me to fill in a bunch of missing gaps and further learn the

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Treehouse (Free download)

Stylised Treehouse

A treehouse I modelled in Blender and textured in substance painter. It’s made almost completely from just one single object that I modelled into a plank to start with and then simply resized and duplicate for different sections (making sure to add some changes to the objects to avoid any repetition in shape).

There is nothing else quite like

Animated Clock Time lapse

Animated Clock Face

One thing I can say from the last 6 months is that I have covered a wide range of modelling of objects and animations! This clock I started on my laptop where I did most of the modelling and then finished off the lighting and renders on my desktop.

The clock animation is fairly simple: – I

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Free Presentation on Lighting your Scene or Model In Blender

Free Presentation on Lighting your Scene or Model In Blender

Motion Forge CG has set up a new meetup group for all things 3D and animation (or at least for a lot of different CGI subjects!).

For the first meetup of this group it seems appropriate to start with lighting – after all nothing can be seen by the eye without it :) One of the most

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Low Poly Style Motorbike

A low detailed cartoon style motorbike based on the Triumph 3HW Army Bike.

I have kept this flat shaded and I modelled everything, including the tire treads, chains and springs. All the parts are geometry and it’s one of the reasons why its poly count came in as being quite high, but baking the tire treads to a normal texture and some basic repotology on

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A Little Flower Shop

A Little Flower Shop

For this modelling, I wanted to set myself a time limit of 1 hour to see how much I could do. The building took just under 1 hour, so not completed but fairly happy with the results I achieved. After that, I created and also imported the details/content/flowers, which took another hour. Finally setting up and

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Post Apocalypse Truck

Post Apocalypse Truck

f you ever find yourself in a Post Apocalypse situation – then having a sturdy truck could be a lifesaver, but as long as you can find the fuel! I modelled this truck in Blender and textured it in Substance Painter.

Part of this project was a learning process and I also learnt ways how to make such a

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