Vintage Style 1950s Living Room

Vintage Style 1950s Living Room

I’m a fan of the series Project Blue Book (with Aiden Gillen and Michael Malarkey) and in one of the episodes (sorry I can’t find the name now but will update this post when I do – it was in season 2) there is a wonderfully lit scene where the characters sit in an old 1950s

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From Vaudeville to Cinema

From Vaudeville to Cinema

Vaudevill to Cinema:

This short documentary provides an introduction to the influence and connection between stage theatre entertainment and early cinema.

It provides an insight into some of the famous comedians and performers, such as The Marx Brothers or Stanley Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy) who transitioned from stage entertainment, such

Count Magnus (A Ghost Story by M.R. James)

COUNT MAGNUS (A Ghost Story by M.R. James).

Count magnus by Paul Lowe

Count magnus illustration by Paul Lowe

An audio story recording narrated by Paul Ford and produced by Chris J Mitchell. – “Count Magnus” is the sixth story in the first collection of ghost stories published by M. R.

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