There is a tavern far to the north and situated deep in the Iceni forest. It is one of the last places of refuge before the great forest wilderness and then the unexplored lands of the northern tundra. The great mage, Gorax, has been known to frequent here on occasion whilst he wandered the land, and it is visited only by those who seek adventure, travel for trade, or are on the run from the law. Still, there is little trouble here and all that stay are glad for the comfort and rest.


Before the travellers settle in for the night there is some activity (from 0.00 up to 3.30) outside the tavern with travellers arriving and leaving. Along with some of the local wildlife crossing the path.


A Motion of Pictures Production.

Created by Chris J Mitchell.

Sound Effects:

  1. Tawny Owl Hoots
  2. Benboncan ( – Wolf howl
  3. NaturesTemper ( – Forest Wind and Ambience – SoundIdeasCom (

Created with Unreal 4.

Unreal 4 Assets Used:

  • Fantasy and Medieval Architecture Kit
  • Kite Demo
  • Green Hills Landscape
  • Maximo Characters
  • Animal Variety Pack
  • 3AGrass

Editing Software and Colour Correction: DaVinci Resolve


This is the second scene/environment I’ve created using Unreal 4 and it’s the first time I have used animated characters. I found this a little tricky to get to grips with at first and took a while to reduce the foot sliding issues with the characters. But really enjoyed creating this scene and it has been a good learning experience. I will be moving on to bigger and better creations! Thanks for watching 🙂

For another ambient background video see the first Unreal 4 Animation I ever created – A campfire scene in the wildnerness