The Writers Initiative

As we all know, if you are going to make a movie or short film you will need to write the script, or find someone else to write it.

I greatly enjoy writing and believe it needs all the encouragement and support it can get in the modern-day world. So regarding this and with the help of a good friend, (Mike Davies) I set up the Writers Initiative.

This is an organisation we aim to grow into an, not for profit, institution that supports, trains and helps writers around the world. – If you want to improve your writing, help others with their writing, or just network with other writers then please visit the website.

To see the website click here: The Writers Initiative


    • Cultivation of writing:
      • Whether just starting out, or as an experienced writer you can further cultivate your writing.
      • Share your knowledge and provide constructive feedback on the work of other writers.
      • Through the cultivation of your writing, you can further entertain, inform or educate your readers.
      • Or technically improve and refine your English grammar to correctly articulate the meanings you wish to share.
    • Reading and Learning:
      • Encourage, nudge and push people to read and get better informed on what is happening in the world around them.
      • Not just to take information at face value and create thoughts and views based on informed knowledge.
    • Fellowship amongst Writers:
      • Promote and create networks and groups of writers who lend support and share knowledge.
      • Create groups and fellowships where people can come together to tell their stories.
    • Harness Technology:
      • Set-up websites, servers, cross-platform applications and other such technology.
      • Teach individuals how to best use new and established technology as part of their work.
      • Promote technology, ethical AI and online tools for the furtherment of writing and society.