Unreal Engine – How to package and export your Game Quick Tip #3

Before Exporting The Game Make sure all required levels are included:

  • Go to Project Settings > Project Packaging > Maps to Include in a package build.
  • Include all the required level(s) using the list of maps in include.
  • When typing the level you may start with ‘Game’ and then ‘maps,’ but this could be different depending on the name of the link/folder to your map(s).
  • E.g: /Game/Maps/…
  • See example below. The default map is set to the Main Menu Map and the second map is the level for the game as this game only has one playable map.

Unreal Engine Levels to Include

Game Directory:

  • The file path where the game is saved should not be too long as this can cause issues in the packaging.
  • This should be as short as possible – E.g: Drive > Folder > Folder.
  • Copy and move the game to a higher level directory if it’s too many folders deep and there are issues with it’s packaging.

Default Map:

  • For my FPS the Main Menu Map is the default map in the game settings.
  • So it is loaded first with the main menu.
  • This can be changed to another map if need be.
  • See the example below.

Main Menu Map

Packaging up the game:

  • Go to Platforms > Windows (assuming this is the platform you are working on and exporting for – there are other platforms available).
  • Select shipping or building depending for what phase of build the game is in.
  • Package project.
  • Create or add to an existing folder.
  • Call this folder the name of the game or what is best required for you.
  • There will be a windows folder with the EXE and game folders (all folders are needed) and that’s it!Unreal Engine Packaging