Unreal Engine Development Road Map

Epic have an Unreal Engine roadmap for upcoming fixes, improvements and new features for Unreal Engine and it can be found by clicking the link here

On Demand Shader Compilation

One of the stand out improvements I can see is the work being done on shader compiling. Anyone who has used Unreal Engine for even a short period of time will be aware of the sometimes painfully slow or just the interruptions to work when the engine compiles shaders.

The improvement being made will will reduce or in some cases remove this shading time completely. Which sounds awesome!

Sequencer Updates

Another improvement that is coming to the engine involves sequencer and whilst the updates mentioned below only give a high level over view of what is being worked on – the improvements all sound great. Specifically the UX/UI refactoring.

Sequencer as not had any big updates in the last few years and does feel a little dated now compared to some editing time lines in other programs. Saying that this is not an editing program, so it’s not something to complain about too much, as I do any video editing in Davinci Resolve, but it will be great to see what improvements are made.