Unreal Engine Teleport

This is a little different from the other posts on how to create blueprints and this time I am just showing the key screen shots required to create this Blueprint. This saves a lot of reading and may be easier to follow then having to read a long blog post on how to create a blueprint.


If you are not familiar with blueprints though, it won’t be that easy to follow, but if you follow some beginner tutorials and/or go through the previous blueprint posts on this website you may be able to recreate this blueprint without detailed instructions. Please do leave a comment or note if you have any questions about this blueprint.

Blueprint Breakdown:

Components Required:

  • Static Mesh (For the Teleport Base).
  • Box or Capsule Collision (resize to the desire size).
  • A particle system (that constantly produces steam or smoke).
Teleport Mesh


‘Get’ Node:

  • The ‘Get’ node (see final graph below) is an added variable (default will be a Boolean) that is changed to a > Object Type > Actor > Object Reference.
  • Rename this variable to: ‘Destination’
  • It has also been converted into a validated get (right click on the node and select the validate option).
  • When you drag the Blueprint into the level it will have a ‘Destination’ Field available and you can select a mesh or target for where the teleported character should appear.
object actor


Completed Event Graph:

The top section of nodes (image below) is what is required to Teleport. You don’t actually need the other two sections as they add effects, but do bring the teleport to life.

  • Custom Event: Notice that a Custom event called ‘Play Teleport Effects’ has been created and is triggered by the teleport taking place. This is good practice and although the custom event is not needed (you could plug the ‘Teleport’ node directly into the ‘Spawn Emitter at Location’ node. It clearly shows to other users the separate sections of the blueprint and how they are organised).
  • Custom Event: Remember to add another input to the custom event and call it ‘Player Teleport’ – This will connect the actor location to the emitter and sound effect.
Teleport Blueprint