Vintage Style 1950s Living Room

I’m a fan of the series Project Blue Book (with Aiden Gillen and Michael Malarkey) and in one of the episodes (sorry I can’t find the name now but will update this post when I do – it was in season 2) there is a wonderfully lit scene where the characters sit in an old 1950s vintage style living room. This scene inspired me to create my own version and you can see the final render images here. This was a personal project where I used assets primarily from Sketchfab, Polyhaven and some of my own to dress the scene with.

Getting Started:

I started out by getting a good reference image from the Project Bluebook episode and then blocked out the key pieces of furniture to start with. After I was happy with the set up I modelled the walls and then textured these in Substance Painter. Then imported the textures back into Blender.

After that, it was a process of adding several layers of details by placing further items in the room and on the table. I also added a dust mask to some of the items.


Finally, I lit the scene in a similar way it had been lit in the reference image and of course I placed the lampshades in places where I know I would put the lights and had one light just over the table to place more focus on it. Finally, I rendered out the master image of the whole room and then did a couple of close-ups of objects in the room.

Old Fashioned 1950s living Room


This scene was made possible by the wonderful creators who have shared their models for download.

Model Credits: