World War 2 – Street Ruins – Unreal Engine Speed Design

I have started a new channel on Youtube – The Motion of Pictures – Craft in Action. I may change the name to something a little more CG specific and I am thinking of Motion in Pixels – although I am not completely sold on this title yet, so I am giving it some more thought!

This new channel is part of the Motion of Pictures Channel and will be primarily for CG and Animation videos. It will contain a variety of CG work including, speed designs, animations and also tutorials.

Please do subscribe and also check out the videos that have already gone live in the channel.

This speed design war scene is one the first videos going up onto the channel.

Unreal Engine Speed Design: If you are building a scene that has lots of different ruined buildings it in – one really efficient approach is to use modular pieces and then build one or two complete houses with as many elements as possible. Then simply duplicate them and remove some of the parts and swap out other parts. This way things start off a little slower, but will save time and effort in the long run.

All assets and music – copyright clear or used under creative commons licenses.

Tiger Tank: Creator: splatypi

Unreal Asset Packs Used: House Ruins pack:…

Brushify country roads pack:…

Project Nature Foliage Collection:…

Also some trees from Speedtree and models from Megascans.


1. grapes ft. J Lang & Morusque – I dunno CC BY 3.0


3. Robbero – Glory CC BY 3.0

4. Robbero – Spheres (Hip Hop Instrumental) CC BY 3.0